What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is the practice of companioning another in their journey of deepening connection with something beyond themselves — God, the Divine, Spirit, the Universe, etc. The person seeking direction (directee) shares and explores life stories, questions, or beliefs with a spiritual director. What the directee wants to bring to session does not have to be overtly spiritual… because everything is spiritual! The director holds a hospitable, safe space for the directee, and asks intentional or clarifying questions about his/her/their share. Spiritual direction is about growth in relationship to one’s specific spirituality, rather than solving problems or fixing things.

What I personally appreciate about direction is it empowers the directee (you) to grow in intimacy to your higher power/way of seeing the world/spirituality. I am not here to judge, evaluate, or fix, but to hold a contemplative and safe space as you reflect.

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