Snack-o-grams: Enneagram practices with song and snack pairings

[Originally created based off the Snack-o-scopes of Astral Projection Radio Hour for my fifth Enneagram episode as a guest on their show (listen here, it’s a fun one] 

Ones: What happens if you release the need to justify your actions just once this week? Have that piece of chocolate and don’t tell a story about why it’s ok. Instead, hold the delightful treat in your mouth and simply savor the flavor. It may be tempting to justify this exercise as a growth project, but instead focus on the enjoyment. Listen to Janelle Monáe and eat more chocolate.

Twos: This is a week for an experiment in solitude. What is one thing you can do that you’d regularly want someone to come along with you to? Do it on your own and in the midst of the experience, check in with yourself. What do you need? Do you actually hate this activity and want to go off and do something else? Then do it. Listen to Paula Abdul and eat nachos.

Threes: This week play with a new skill you know nothing about. I say play because if it’s something you truly do not know, you may experience the f-word you fear so much: failure. If you play with it rather than try to succeed at it, then failure is impossible. Get into finger paints and make big blobs of color. Listen to Perfume Genius and eat hot wings.

Fours: What if for the week you lived according to a tightly run schedule? Perhaps you calendar in some “in my feels” journaling time, but bookend it with a physical activity and meditation — practices that can help you step back and see the bigger picture from a removed perspective. Listen to Björk and eat avocado toast.

Fives: How can you this week step into your role as teacher and leader? Maybe you sign up to teach a workshop, or mentor a newbie in your industry. Whatever you do, it’s important to feel into your competency and power, and not just let it reside within. The world is a better place with you in it and sharing your gifts. Listen to M.I.A. and eat cheddar popcorn.

Sixes: What happens if you trusted your own intuition this week? Doesn’t have to be some big life decision, but something small. The reality is all the strategic thinking, data gathering, and asking trusted community has made you into someone who has all they need to make a good decision. Sit with this truth today. Listen to Neko Case and eat mozzarella sticks.

Sevens: You are pure joy, glitter, and a wealth of ideas. How can you this week focus these strengths onto one project that is already happening? What’s one thing you can do to go deeper with this project? Do it. Take the other ideas that come up and record them in a journal and keep going with this one project. Listen to Moses Sumney and eat funfetti cake.

Eights: This week allow someone you trust to have the decision making power over something: picking out a dinner spot, planning a weekend away, etc. It will be difficult to release the self-protecting desire for control, but if this is someone safe, they have your best in mind. Trust in that. Listen to Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers and eat apples with almond better.

Nines: How can you assert yourself this week? Whether being decisive about what you want to do on Friday night or letting someone know they hurt your feelings. It may be tempting to numb out with Netflix or other things, but unfortunately they will not help solve the tensions in your life. Choose a small thing and be bold. Listen to Jay Som and eat s’mores.

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